Supply Chain Management


Improve your supply chain management processes

ISSA  and Marquette University have partnered to develop an online training course that introduces the seven critical areas of Supply Chain Management, helping individuals learn the processes and achieve a deeper understanding of supply chain management.

Why take this program:

Supply chain management consists of multiple areas, such as customer service, operations, logistics, purchasing and sourcing, inventory management, planning.

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  • Increase an employee's understanding of his/her role in the wider supply-chain-management context
  • Improve their decision-making from a narrow functional outlook to a broader organizational and ultimately supply chain level


  • Module 1: Customer Service
  • Module 2: Logistics
  • Module 3: SC Planning
  • Module 4: Inventory Management
  • Module 5: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management - 1
  • Module 6: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management - 2
  • Module 7: SC Enablement

Who should enroll?

  • Early-career professionals and employees with little or no knowledge of supply chain management
  • Middle managers
  • Buyers in purchasing department
  • Production planners
  • Logistics analysts


Online Course

Supply Chain Management

This course is ideal for logistics analysts, production planners, managers, buyers, and early career professionals with little or no prior experience in supply chain management.



Need more information?

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