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ISSA is the world's leading trade association for the cleaning industry and our members are our highest priority. We help manufacturers and distributors expand their reach, entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and cleaning professionals achieve their career potential. 

Become an ISSA Canada member today and join more than 10,500 companies, organizations, and individuals who are committed to changing the way the world views cleaning. 


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ISSA Canada members gain access to valuable benefits that will improve your operations, boost your bottom line, and expand your business network. Plus, ISSA offers new resources that help you prevent, respond to, and recover from biological threats like COVID-19. Learn more about the world of benefits available to members.



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ISSA Canada supports the entire cleaning industry - from large manufacturing companies to individual cleaning professionals - and all the important businesses in between. Our membership is comprised of frontline workers, managers, directors and executives. Learn more about business types.

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ISSA Canada is pleased to offer two-tier membership pricing. It is important to us that our valued members receive the most out of their membership and they don't pay for benefits they will not utilize. 

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