Certified Custodial Supervisor


Achieve new goals in the cleaning industry with the Custodial Supervisor Certification

To keep today's buildings clean, it requires a modern approach with the right equipment and techniques. CMI's Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification course sections come with their own exam and an additional final exam upon certification completion. 

Develop leadership qualities:

  • Having a positive attitude and motivation
  • Working with different personality types
  • Team building activities
  • Dealing with difficult employees

Apply technical skills in the workplace:

  • Managing supplies, chemicals and equipment
  • Processes, procedures and management controls
  • Reducing costs and improving quality through technology
  • Maximizing productivity through organization

Understand building services operations:

  • Recruiting and hiring top employees
  • Managing employees (union and non)
  • Quality assurance, quality control, and testing and prevention
  • Scheduling staff

 Note: CMI highly recommends that each person who enrolls into the Certified Custodial Supervisor Certification course takes both the CMI Custodial Technician Basic & Advanced certification courses prior to the Supervisor Certification.

Continue your training with this program

This program is ideal for in-house facility cleaning operations and contract cleaning operation professionals. CMI can also set-up special arrangements with those who are responsible for custodial training.

Need help? Consider Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers across the nation offer some form of tuition reimbursement to employees. Most employers are delighted to learn that an employee wants to pursue a home study course in a job-related subject.


Online Course

Custodial Supervisor Certification

The Custodial profession today not only commands respect, but also requires a high degree of knowledge and skill. One of the important by-products in the evolution of the custodial profession is CMI's Custodial & Maintenance Supervisor Certification online course. 



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