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The Cleaning Industry Management Standard is Your Guide in Elevating Your Operations.

Managing Times of Change

Many organizations struggle to standardize their operations and they feel the pressure during times of change. In-house organizations use CIMS to regain operational structure, stop outsourcing, employee retention vs. turnover and tackling budget deficits. The process of complying with the Standard provides the greatest benefit by, driving efficiency in the services you provide to your building occupants.

In-house organizations use the Standard to:

  • Develop an organization master plan
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Develop best practices
  • Validate performance and quality

The CIMS Standard dives into an organization's operations to adjust, rebuild or create operations to reflect the following six elements:

  1. Quality System: This describes quality system requirements. This provides a general framework to ensure effective operations and continual improvement.
  2. Service Delivery: This describes the processes necessary to effectively produce and deliver services. These customer-related processes include purchasing, staffing, and handling unexpected events. Cleaning organizations must define and describe their unique business processes, as it relates to their operations and customers.
  3. Human Resources: In this section, the organization demonstrates that it efficiently and effectively manages "human capital" in a way that enhances organizational performance covering recruitment, selection, and retention of employees.
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship: Quality cleaning and maintenance services are safe, healthy and sustainable. They also positively impact the built environment. This addresses the processes, systems, and documentation as they relate to the organization's commitment to those objectives.
  5. Management Commitment: This allows an organization to demonstrate that it has instituted appropriate management systems to meet customer needs and expectations, even in times of organizational change. Also covered in this section is: mission, vision and values of your organization.
  6. Green Buildings and Service: It sets forth a framework to ensure that the organization uses sustainable cleaning practices in addition to the management best practices identified in the five core sections of the CIMS.

While certification to the Standard will likely be the end goal, the process itself challenges and improves an operation.

Establishing Process and Procedures

The CIMS certification will standardize your operation and provide a new level of achievement for your team. CIMS certification is proof that your company follows the proper processes in a post-pandemic environment.

The Standard should be thought of as a management framework that can be used to develop customer-centred, quality organizations.

  • Provides procedures and policies for cleaning organizations to follow when implementing their own quality management programs through the Quality System and Service Delivery elements.
  • Guides cleaning organizations through documentation, in ensuring quality, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction through the Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship element.
  • Dictates clearly defined management system allowing cleaning organization to use as a framework to develop customer-centric quality organizations through the Management System

Set yourself apart from the organizations that can't meet those expectations with the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS).


Vendor Pre-Qualification Tools

Cleaner. Healthier. Safer. Your building occupants are becoming knowledgeable in the cleaning industry and their expectations are becoming high. In-house organizations can use CIMS as a pre-qualifying tool for vendors seeking to work with your facilities. Require CIMS for your vendors to set themselves apart from the companies that can't meet those expectations with the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS).

Implementing the Standard provides proof and documentation that an organization's vendors follow best practices and ensures that quality processes and procedures are in place.

What CIMS does for your organization:

  • Provide a healthier and safer facility for your occupants
  • Drive operational efficiencies
  • Increase your stakeholder satisfaction
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Lower your operating costs
  • Increase trust and confidence from your stakeholders
  • Validate your quality levels
  • Enhance your culture
  • Apply CIMS-GB certification toward your customer's LEED credits

Limiting Risk

What are the benefits of CIMS Certification?

Through the Management Commitment element, in the CIMS Standard, In-house organizations ensure a decrease in risk by managing needs and expectations in times of organizational change. The Standard guides these organizations through documenting and implanting strategic plans, communication plans, risk management plans that ensure compliance with all local and federal safety laws and regulations. 

With CIMS, you are:

  • Validating your commitment to quality practices and customer satisfaction
  • Implementing management framework in check with policies and procedures.
  • Protecting building occupants now and in the future
  • Prepared for any recurring challenges in your workplace or facility

With CIMS, your organization is:

  • Improving the efficiency of its services
  • Advancing organizational master plan
  • Achieving budgetary support
  • Improving overall performance of their cleaning service
  • Empowering employees to do their jobs safely and effectively
  • Training to be in compliance with industry standards and procedures
  • Bringing value to their communities and contributing to public health

With CIMS, your building occupants have:

  • The assurance that the facility has been cleaned and managed to the highest standards
  • Renewed trust in building cleanliness, and safety and quality
  • Increased confidence to enter and feel comfortable inside the building
  • Peace of mind that proper cleaning is an ongoing facility management priority

Not sure where to start? The CIMS Standard is the perfect guide in leading your organization in developing a process to win bids when competing for jobs. Learn more about CIMS and get certified today. 


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CIMS Certification

The CIMS Standard is the perfect guide in leading your organization in developing a process to win bids when competing for jobs.