Distributor Services Partner Program


Your opportunity to deliver value to the entire cleaning industry

The CMI Distributor Services Partner Program provides distributors the opportunity to create additional value for their customers through a training, certification and consulting partnership with ISSA's Cleaning Management Institute. While providing a new service to your customer, you will begin to earn a share in the new value created!


(1) You must be an active ISSA member in good standing.

(2) Non-members are eligible to become a partner for $1000 (USD), which provides a one-year membership to ISSA.

(3) You must actively promote, communicate and educate your customers regarding CMI training, certification and consulting, ISSA membership and CIMS.

Your partnership with ISSA will:

  • Increase product and equipment sales during consulting projects
  • Bring in an additional revenue stream through training and consulting services
  • Become a highly sought-after asset for your current and potential customers by leading with service and not product
  • Provide tools and resources to strengthen relationships with your customers
  • Opportunity to private brand you own training and consulting program


Distributor Service Program re-seller products include:

Certification & Training

  • Host a pre-scheduled CMI certification workshop: National Training Event or private workshops like:
    • Certified Professional Trainer
    • Certified Workloading Specialist
    • Certified Custodial Supervisor
    • Certified Custodial Trainer
    • Accredited Auditing Professional
  • Online Training: Offer on-demand certification courses and training. Leverage the online platform to host custom content for your customers:
    • CMI Certified Custodial Supervisor
    • CMI Custodial Technician
    • CIMS Expert
    • GBAC Fundamentals


  • Initial Assessment: Establish baseline with a focus on processes, appearance and logistics
  • Workloading and Supply Kitting: Create a strategic plan customized to buildings and the specific needs with focus on level of service
  • Development: Train cleaning professionals by filling the gap on training they have not received specific to workloading tools and equipment
  • Quality Assessment: Contract ongoing quality assessments based on the customer's scope of work and quality plan

Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)

  • Guide your customers to become one of less than 500 organizations globally to achieve CIMS designation
  • Leverage the CIMS standard as a tool to help those customers achieving LEED

ISSA Membership: Available to Your Customers

  • Building Service Contractor Basic Membership
  • In-House Service Provider Basic Membership

What our partners are saying...

"ISSA and our company have built a very close partnership over the many years, including our participation in their annual world class trade show and training we've utilized our sales team. During COVID, ISSA and Brant Insero have stepped up to support us in extraordinary ways. ISSA supported Hill & Markes in building a customized cleaning, disinfecting, and procedures training program for our customers in person and/or online. ISSA has developed opportunities to grow business through a pathway of training. I highly recommend ISSA as an innovative, agile, and very able partner."

Jason Packer, CEO, Hill & Markes



Need more information?

For additional information about CMI Certifications and Programs, please contact Tracy MacDonald at (905) 665-8001, toll free 1-866-684-8273 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.